Friday, 12 February 2010

Jom share kidney...

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحَيْمِ
"Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang"

Nope. Not talking about sharing a meal of kidney beans. But sharing kidney. Or so the Malay calls it, buah pinggang. It amuses me sometimes when Malay words becomes more appreciated. Like, when U mention, buah pinggang, why do they call it buah pinggang? Maybe because it looks like a lump of buah, and it is situated at the pinggang, aight? It does make sense. Aheh.

Alright. I actually wanted to share what was made out of one of the lectures that I went. Alhamdulillah. As usual, I wouldn't want to write something very academic, or article-that-are-packed-with-jargons-which-I-myself-need-dictionary-to-always-refer-on-to. ^_^. We had like a back to back lectures on kidney under the homeostasis panel. And I nearly gone into a state on 'delirium', when at one of the last session, a patient came in, with his wife.

So, when they finally got a chance to talk, the husband started to describe what he had. I was not paying full attention, until his wife started taking his place, and talk non-stop. Haha. Woman. Which I am. Hehe. Well, she started explaining things. And I'm like, “Slalu gini la, the other half would know better on how to explain stuff, from another perspective”. Because, usually, the patient might not be in the best state, or perhaps, since the other person might be with the patient everytime, so they know better, in a way. But that's not the case. And so this is where they got my full attention.

The husband got like some inflammation in the kidney or something, and within time, will develop kidney failure. This means, he might need dialysis, or will die or something (Read: I was not paying attention before.. huhu). So, as an alternative, he needed a kidney transplant. Kidney transplant is not as easy at it sounds. We need a match, which most of the time, hard to find. Not just difficult to find a match, it's even difficult to even get a donor. If there's no living donor, they might need to consider a cadaver (dead people) donor. Hurm.

So, with Allah's power, the wife's a match. She wanted so much to give one of her kidney to her husband. But her husband refuse. Who would want to hurt the person they loved, right? But at the same time, the wife said, “I can't just sit there and watch my husband died”. Subhanallah. I was nearly in tears. (Read: Nearly ok, not already). So, after much arguments, and a long time it was, the husband finally decided to have the kidney. Aww, this is what I call a fairytale. In the end of their story, the wife said, she is alright, and what makes her world brighter, is seeing her husband, next to her, alive and healthy.

So to say, what did I get from my-so-called-fairy-tale-story. I am an organ donor. I agree that if I die, and my organ can be donated, then so be it. But, that's not always the case. Not every organ donor have the chance to actually donate their organ. And yet, I'm like, 'dicabar', how about being a living organ donor? What if, my dad needs a kidney, and I'm a perfect match. But since I'm not married yet, and not yet pregnant, if I donated one of my kidney, my pregnancy process will be very very difficult. Allah haven't tested me yet on that. To say, the couple, Allah tested them, and they pass, in their way. Though they may not make the best out of the test, not having to know 'hikmah' behind it, they are lucky. What if it happens to me, will I pass? Will I see the 'hikmah' behind it? I pray that I'll be the lucky, and strong, if, that happens.

But seriously, ini lah baru dikatakan pengorbanan suami isteri. For some couples out there, setakat habis duit beli topup, or berjimat sebab nak belikan hadiah utk gf or bf. That's nothing. This is one of the sacrifices that truly can test you. Aheh. This is what you get from a non-married person. Barakallahufikum!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحَيْمِ
"Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang"

I finally got the chance to watch Armageddon, for the first time. I think watching it at this moment, was the perfect timing. Back then when I was small, Armageddon was just Armageddon, a love-story, so they said. But watching it now, as the person who I am, right now, means a whole lot more.

I know movies shouldn't be influencing you and such. And perhaps all these western-movies have their own agendas. Because I remembered back then when I came back from watching Constatine, I had a lecture from dad, him saying, I should watch out, because these kind of movies can 'gugat' your aqidah. I understand what he meant, though I was basically nothing back then. But I truly believe, it all depends on yourself.

You know the movie, don't you? Where Bruce Willis, or Harry and so they call him in the movie, is the world hero. By being the person who sacrifice to ignite the bomb on the meteor, ergo volunteering himself to die alone there. And you also knew right, that they are up there, to save mankind. If they don't crush the meteor, the meteor will crush earth. So much drama. Yet, I learnt something from being a muslimah point of view.

It burns me. You know when sometimes, things get so chaos, you are weakened, and tired. And there are those little little things that drives you up. I pray to Allah, I will never led astray, from this road, being a dai'e. If Harry, can be the person who sacrifice himself to save the world, why can't I, sacrifice myself, to save the world too? He was indeed the chosen one, to be left there, to die, even more, alone. And I'm not alone, I have my sisters, and brothers, and I don't even need to sacrifice my life. But indeed, I'm the chosen one. And I'm thankful to be the chosen one. Allah dah pesan, if I let this opportunity go, He will choose others. Don't I want to be the hero? Or heroin, correctly. Not in front of mankind, but in front of Him, the only one to be loved, or correctly again, my kekasih.

When Harry told AJ, "Take good care of Grace for me". I suppose, that's what I should do, in my prayer, in my night prayer, when I kneel and cry. I should be saying to my love, "Allah, take good care of my other loved ones, papa, mama, abang, adik and the rest". If Harry has so much confidence on AJ, and let AJ live, to take care of Grace, even with his absence, why can't I do that? I should have all the confidence in the world to Allah, that He will indeed take good care of my loved ones, and even everything that I got, that He will indeed gives what's best.

And I also realized, that nothing is ever a coincidence. Even though AJ got his luck, drew the stick that made him the person to be left to ignite the bomb, but no, Harry made the trick and had himself to be the chosen one. Though I can't make it to words on how to explain this, but you understand me, don't you? Whatever it is, even if we tend to choose something bad for us, Allah will always give the best for us. It's just a matter of, we like or not. We don't know. But trust Allah, He will never give things that we can't stand, nor things that are not best for us.

Ergo, I will continously pray and pray, that Allah will make me stay in this road, no matter how hard, no matter how painful, no matter how much it takes, no matter what people say. Ergo, I give Armageddon a thumbs up for the reminder. And thumbs up for having my favourite song in it.

Wish of the day: Mom's hug.